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(R) Special Y Cover

The (R) Special Y Cover is a securement cover consisting of a polypropylene tarp sewn to straps with ratchets. This cover is ideal for securing palletized soft bag goods where the force of the strap needs to be distributed over a wider area in order to prevent damage from the strap to the product and better securement. The tarp comes in two sizes for either single pallets or double.

Technical Data

Material: PP/PET/Steel
1200mm x 1200mm + straps
1200mm x 2300mm + straps
Operating load / Break Strength 1000daN / 2000daN

(R) Special Windkraft

We make covers for wind turbines to protect sensitive openings. The covers are customized to fit individual components such as gonodlas, rotor hubs and tower elements. We can meet virtually any requirements including a multi-use option. As with all our products we only use the highest quality materials and workmanship.

(R) Special Windkraft is a value added Rothschenk product. It protects these components from dust and weather during loading, transportation and storage. Additionally these covers reduce wind resistance induced during transportation. The covers also make your product more visually appealing and with the option of printing allow for effective advertising opportunities.

Technical Data

Provided based on your requirements.

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