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NEW at Rothschenk!

Rothschenk has been producing standard and customized load and cargo securement systems since 1996. Here we inform you about new and innovative products at Rothschenk.

(R) Ratchet Straps

In the universal world of load securement the many different variations and applications of woven strapping are often referred to as “Lashing”. Lashing is often used in conjunction with other load securement products to provide an optimal solution. The details of the load capacity, lengths and widths of the strap, type of hook, ratchet or buckles are all important variables that can effect the securement of your cargo. At Rothschenk we take our commitment one step further with our consulting.

Through our transfer of know-how, we can help you reduce the risk of damage to your strapping sytems and thereby significantly increase the life of your straps.

To our Ratchet Straps.

(R) Edge Protection

Tensioning a strap around or over products without applying pressure is not possible. To do it without damaging the goods requires edge protection. With edge protectors the force of the tensioned strap is distributed evenly across the product.

To our Edge Protectors.

(R) Dunnage Bag

Whether you ship by Truck, LTL, Ocena Container, Railcar or Vessels, our dunnage bags offer a simple, time saving, cost effective manner to secure your cargo. In addition to our standard offering, we specialize in custom design and production of dunnage bags to meet your specific needs. We can add eyelets, straps and many other accessories to create the perfect solution for your application. Our complete line of dunnage bags is available in either One-way (Mono) or Reusable (Multi).

To our Dunnage Bags.

(R) Drum Securement
(R) Truck Solution

With these solutions you can meet all challenges with regards to securing goods in trucks, trailers or small transport vehicles. Tracks, rails, cargo nets, load bars and other accessories. A variety of products to help you secure your cargo to its final destination. All these products are produced by leading manufacturers that guarantee the highest quality.

To our Truck Solutions.

(R) Lashing

Safe. Cost effective. User friendly.
In container shipments, the prevention of cargo moving towards the rear is an elemtary part of load securement. We offer countless variations of standard and customized lashing solutions that are easy to use. As most cargo securement products are not re-used or retrieved when used in container applications, our solutions are far more cost effective than expensive reusable systems or wooden blocking and bracing.

To our lashings.

(R) Anti-Slip

Whenever cargo slips or moves during transportation it is the result of simple physical principles. With ( R ) Anti-Slip you can simply counteract these principles by increasing the friction between the product and the floor. When this is done in conjunction with our strapping and/or dunnage bags, your load will remain secure. Physics takes a break! To our Anti-Slip products.

(R) Specials

Our core discipline. Special, customized solutions for packing and securing bulky, unconventional products. In this category we challenge ourselves daily to reach uncompromising standards. Rothschenk load securement stands for systematic load securement “Made in Germany”. Give us the challenge, we’ll give you the solution.

To our Special solutions.

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