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(R) Lashing Container

Our prefabricated containment systems for container shipping considerably increase the safety of your shipment and ensure that your cargo arrives at its destination without damage. They can be used for rear cargo securing of e.g. Drums, Big Bags, IBC’s or wooden boxes used in overseas containers (20, 40, 45 feet). Depending on the version, they are fully height adjustable. Just give us a call, we look forward to advise you.

Technical Data

Vertical strap with 2 sewn in safety hooks for the container eyelets.
One to four horizontal straps attached as per request.

The Rothschenk container lashings are extremely versatile. We use hooks, straps and grommets to customize and optimize them for you. Any upgrades or retrofit is available. Printing on the strap is also available.

(R) Lashing WEB

Woven polyester strapping in a variety of break strengths sold by the meter. Easy to install for securing the cargo from rear movement or to be used for lashing down your cargo in a container or truck. Simply cut to length and attach to the eyelets in the container, then tension and you’re done.

Technical Data

Woven Polyester. Single use. Sold by the meter.

2300 daN / 32mm width / 250 Meter
3000 daN / 35mm width / 250 Meter
3500 daN / 38mm width / 200 Meter
5000 daN / 40mm width / 200 Meter
3000 daN / 50mm width / 250 Meter
6000 daN / 50mm width / 200 Meter

Additional configurations available upon request. Printing available.


(R) Lashing Full Safety

Complete rear restraint system for small packaged units in a container. These are secured from the rear door by (R) Lashing Full Safety. Robust PP tarp or dunnage bag, certified straps in a variety of strengths tensioned with steel buckles.

Technical Data

Standard designs with dunnage bags:

Webbing 32 mm
• Dimensions of dunnage bag: 1,500 x 2,400 mm
Webbing 50 mm
• Dimensions of dunnage bag: 2,000 x 2,300 mm

Standard designs with tarpaulin:

Webbing 32 mm
• Dimensions of tarpaulin: 2,000 x 2,200 mm

Webbing 35 mm
• Dimensions of tarpaulin: 2,100 x 2,200 mm

You also get (R) Lashing Full Safety in further versions.
Just give us a call, we look forward to advise you.

(R) Lashing Tools

Everything you need to use the Rothschenk single use systems. Buckles, Ratchets, Tensioners, safety hooks….

Techncal Data

Buckles and Tensioners

Buckle: 3516
Buckle: 3030
Buckle: 4040
Buckle: 5020
Buckle: 5050
Claw hook with webbing securement 35mm
Claw hook with webbing securement 50mm
Ratchet Tensioner
Reel Tensioner with cutting function
Heavy duty tensioner
Webbing scissor

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