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About us

Experience and quality. Systematic Load Securement.

Rothschenk has been producing standard and customized load and cargo securement systems since 1996. We provide expertise in products and solutions for your cargo securment challenges. Whether you need one of our standard solutions or a creative custom solution for your specialty application, Rothschenk load securement systems are backed by our uncompromised quality in our product and service offering.

Rothschenk stands for an uncompromised quality in our product and service offering, every day, for every client on a regional, national and global basis.


Challenge. Concept. Solution.

The Rothschenk R&D department is run by experienced long-term load securement experts. Creativity, precsion, craftsmanship and uncompromising problem solving skills are the traits that best describe this team. This is where samples come to life that have proven themselves in real life day-to-day operations, countless times.

Due to their nature, this team favors the custom solutions. Out of the ordinary cargo and challenging transportation requirements is what gets them really excited. Not finding a solution is simply not an option. In this regard the Rothschenk record is spotless and of that we are extremely proud. In the big world of transportation, new challenges for load securement arise daily. We want to solve those with quality solutions. Preferably all of them!


Quality, Reliability, Safety.

We offer a diverse selection of products. Some are standard items while others are unique. However this product selection is only a part of the possibilities we have to secure your loads. From experience we have learnt that some loads require solutions that go way beyond any standard load securement products. The many years of experience we gained from meeting the never ending challenges from our clients has privided us with invaluable knowledge. This is why we make the highest quality products.

Standort DE

Made in Germany.

Continuity and a down-to-earth attitude are important cornerstones of the Rothschenk philosophy. These factors play an important role in the quality demands for both our customers and us. This is why we produce our dunnage bags and restraint systems in Germany at the exact same location where the entrepreneurial development of Rothschenk began many years ago. This small town called Aub, lies in the heart of Europe. Our experience has shown that this idyllic spot on earth holds all the requirements needed to produce a quality “Made in Germany” product.

In our region, Rothschenk is a part of the community and a reputable employer. This is a responsibility we are happy to have. We appreciate our many long-term employees. Today, the many women and older employees who work in our production provide a valuable perspective for the future to our younger employees. Our business is constantly improving itself knowing that:

It is always the people with their ideas, attitude, diligence and reliability that create the value in a product, making it more attractive to the customer.


High Tech and Handmade.

High quality load securement solutions can only be achieved through the combination of manual work processes and the effective use of technology. This is applicable to the every day transportation of goods by our customers as well as the production processes at Rothschenk.

We achieve high tech and handmade in perfect balance with modern tools, machines and an educated, competent workforce. This is the guarantee for Rothschenk quality “Made in Germany” to which we are deeply committed. Our own high demands require us to constantly optimize our production processes, all without compromising on occupational safety.

The production of high value load securement solutions can never be fully automated. Therefore you will always find genuine hand made components in Rothschenk production and of that we are very proud.


Quality. Safe. Tested.

We consider quality-oriented material purchasing as a fundamental building block in fulfilling our objectives. This applies to the procurement of materials used in production as well as those purchased as supplies.

Only proven and / or self-tested materials are considered for the daily Rothschenk production. Our dunnage bags are a good example. For their production we only use the highest quality PE film and certified flawless PP woven material. All other components such as our one-way and reusable valves, thread or safety labels must meet the highest standards as set by our procurement team. The quality and safety of the materials always carry the highest priority.

In some cases the demands on the quality of the material are so high that we manufacture components ourselves. This allows us to guarantee the continuity of the quality of our materials.

When it comes to items that are not produced by Rothschenk, such as straps, ratchets, anti-slip mates and edge protection, our procurement team makes their selection from certified suppliers. This is to ensure that our clients can always be sure that they are using a certified product in their transport.


Progressive. Flexible. Able to deliver.

Our inventory capacities reflect our commitment to being a reliable supplier to our customers. Customer satisfaction is on the top of the list in our corporate philosophy.

Rothschenk has scaled and increased its warehousing capacities decisively. Regardless of increased logistical requirements, more raw materials or a short-term increase in demand, Rothschenk can handle these fluctuations and deliver to customers on short notice.

Environment & Sustainability

Resources and Responsibility

We require a conservative and efficient use of resources in order to promote environmental protection and sustainability from the beginning of our production chain to the delivery of finished goods to our customers. All material and waste and off-cuts are reprocessed into the production cycles of our suppliers.

The prevention and reduction of waste remains a matter of constant improvement across all levels at Rothschenk. We have implemented several environmental projects in recent years. A solar energy system produces electricity for our own consumption. Our operations are heated by utilizing heat energy that is a by-product of a neighboring plant. We also collect rainwater.

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